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Dealing With Intoxicated Party Guests, EV Evolve 50 Review & Facebook Q&A

This week we have Anthony back but we are missing Will! So Brett is back to man the reigns and keep the show on track. We talk about how to deal with intoxicated party guests or people that may be difficult to talk to. We also go to Facebook live for some Q&As, and then we review the infamous EV Evolve 50 in white!

Handling Disasters, Ape Lab Lights and EJtheDJ

This week we are missing Anthony as he is out on vacation. So we have Brett Jacobs stepping in to co-host with Will. In this episode we talk to Ed Jacobs owner of EJtheDJ, talk about handling disasters and look at some awesome new lights from Ape Lab lights.

DJs Vault w/ Joe Bunn, Gigbar2 Review and Where To Get Older Music

On this week’s episode, Anthony and Will go over their weekend events, answer popular questions from Facebook, review the Chauvet Gigbar2 and talk to creator of the DJs Vault - Joe Bunn via Skype!

New Studio, Bad Habits, & DJ Barr

On this weeks episode of the CuePoints Mobile DJ Podcast, Anthony and Will welcome you to the brand new studio, have special guest Brett Jacob to talk about bad habits that DJs have, and Skype with special guest DJ Barr!

The Best Way To Jump Start Your Business

In this week’s episode, Will and Anthony dive into how they started their companies, and give in depth descriptions of what they did and how they did it.

The Photography and Video Industry w/ Celia Werner

In this week’s episode we sit down with Celia Werner; a professional photographer and videographer. She tells us about the industry and reveals some horror stories from her experience!

Chatting With Percussionist Justin Scheidling

Happy 10th Episode! In this episode of CuePoints we sit down with well known percussionist Justin Scheidling. Justin talks about how he got started in the event industry and what he’s up to.

Live At The iDJNow QSC Giveaway!

In this week’s episode, Anthony and Will record live at iDJNow during their QSC PowerPlay Giveaway. They conduct a bunch of great interviews including QSC rep Josh Lefkowitz, DJ City rep Eloy Garcia, DJ Danja, DJ Loki and more!! Enjoy this week’s show and don’t forget to join us online at

How To Choose Your DJ Vehicle

In this week’s edition of the Mobile DJ Podcast, Will and Anthony discuss trucking and how to choose the vehicle that you use to transport your equipment. This could be a difficult choice for some people who may not know what’s best in terms of vans, box trucks, daily drivers, etc. This week’s show should help you make the right choice!

Structuring Your DJ Packages

In this edition of the CuePoints mobile DJ podcast, Anthony and Will go into full detail on how to structure your DJ packages. Learn how to set up the packages and then sell them.

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